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Ronald Goode
Alias: Youngest, Roland
Favorite Comic Book: East of West
Favorite Hero: Deadpool
Favorite Villain: Deadpool
Favorite Comic Artist: Skottie Young
Favorite Comic Writer: Jonathon Hickman, Rick Remender
Favorite Comic Cover: Cable & Deadpool #18
Super Ability You'd Like to Have: Time Manipulation
Favorite Movie Quote: "Maximum effort!"
~Deadpool, Deadpool
Favorite Movie: Captain America: the Winter Soldier & Captain America: Civil War
Favorite Cartoon: Archer, Rick & Morty
Favorite TV Channel: Youtube
Favorite Sports Team: Captain Brady & the Mighty Patriots
Favorite Band: Dance Gavin Dance
Favorite Album: Happiness by DGD
What do you collect besides comics? Stuff to make my room look awesome.
Time Travel... Backward or forwards? Forwards
Why? Robotic limbs!
Star Wars or Star Trek? Nope
In Case of Emergency: We are Robin.