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Briony Zakes
Alias: Hal, Hal 9000
Favorite Comic Book: Moon Knight
Favorite Hero: Sparks Nevada
Favorite Villain: The Master
Favorite Comic Artist:  
Favorite Comic Writer:  
Favorite Comic Cover:  
Super Ability You'd Like to Have: Telekinesis
Favorite Movie Quote: "Maximum effort!"
~Deadpool, Deadpool
Favorite Movie: The Hobbit Trilogy. Dragons!!
Favorite Cartoon: Steven Universe
Favorite TV Channel: What's a TV?
Favorite Sports Team: Hockey? What is sport?
Favorite Band: Van Canto or Steam Powered Giraffe
Favorite Album:  
What do you collect besides comics? Minecraft Mini Figures
Time Travel... Backward or forwards? Both? Both. Both is good.
Why? Forward to see how the world changed. Backward to meet Shakespeare.
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars!
In Case of Emergency: Not my fault. Someone put a wall in my way.